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Infant/Toddler Program

Our infant/toddler program focuses on sensory-based learning experiences. In these early stages, it’s critical to the success of a child’s growth and development to provide positivity and comforting guidance through these new phases of life. Our curriculum will play a big part in expanding upon your child’s cognitive, emotional, communication, fine motor, gross motor and social skills. Bright Start agrees with the philosophies of Vroom: a leading child development and behavior group. We believe that an infant’s brain is wired to learn from birth. Toddlers learn through their interaction with the world and a flourishing child-adult relationship is central to that.

Creative Curriculum is proven to be most effective by educators across the country.

Meaningful experiences that nurture each child’s learning and development are implemented through individualizing routines and exercises.

Age-appropriate equipment, toys, and materials will get your infant thinking and moving. Bright Start uses music and movement, cause-and-effect toys, with finger plays while singing songs. Story-time is a great way to expose your child to a broad range of vocabulary words. Soft block building are fun visual tools to help your infant learn at their own pace.

Infant activities include:

    • Musical Hide and Seek
    • Finger Time
    • Daily Book Reading
    • Music and Movement

Toddler activities include:

    • Singing
    • Improving vocabulary (identification and repetition)
    • Independence with washing hands and feeding themselves
    • Sharing with other students