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School Age Program

We understand working parents are looking for a safe, nurturing and positive environment for their children to spend after school, during the summer season and school vacations. The Bright Start staff is committed to helping its families by providing academic support and enrichment activities while keeping your child safe during those critical times.
At Bright Start your child will be greeted by our engaging and caring staff. We feature opportunities for learning and activities that encourage both independence and teamwork. Some children are happy to work on board games or craft projects in small groups while other children may elect to read in a quiet area. Homework time is provided to all children. Activities in our indoor gym are encouraged to promote fitness and good health.
Our curriculum combines a framework with your child’s input to be sure that activities are based on your child’s interests and needs while supporting learning and development. School-age children who participate in high-quality after-school programs have been shown to have continued academic success as well as improved self-esteem and improved physical wellness.

Summer Programs
Summer programming offers your child an opportunity to continue learning and have fun through the summer season. Field trips will expose your child to a broader world—museums, nature parks, art galleries are but a few of the recreational and educational opportunities they will explore.

Listen and Learn!

Activities include:

    • Reflective activities
    • Theme-related books
    • Learning about different parts of country
    • Creating treasure maps
    • Science experiments
    • Community involvement