Why Bright Start

At Bright Start, our mission is to provide an enriching & educational experience for your child through nurturing and quality care. It is our belief that each child deserves the best care and attention and we want to be a bright part in their earliest memories of education, and play filled experiences.

A Happy Place to Learn and Grow

Not only do we strive to exceed standards of safety and cleanliness, but the development and quality of growth in your child is a top priority. We will share as many learning and discovery opportunities with your child as possible so they experience each day to the fullest! Studies tell us that our children’s first years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. Every time we connect with them, it’s not just their eyes that light up—it’s their brains too. Bright Start shares this philosophy with “Vroom”: Leaders in neuroscience, psychology, and child behavior, and a platform for boosting your child’s early years. Vroom turns shared moments into brain building moments, nurturing your child’s greatness.


Students at Bright Start enjoy:

– Developmentally appropriate learning activities
– Huge, safe indoor play area for play every day
– Music, Story-time and creative play
– Exploration of kindergarten readiness
– Wonderful, compassionate teachers and staff with strong backgrounds in early childhood development


To ensure the most positive effect on your child’s development, Bright Start Learning Center provides experiences that cater to each child’s individual needs. At this early stage in life, a child’s growth tends to be very dependent on the interactions they share with their adult caregivers. We can assure you that we are here to provide emotional support and comfort for your child. We believe that our students’ success starts here and we want to contribute to that as much as possible.

“The development that occurs from birth to 3 years lays the foundation for all later learning.” -National Infant and Child Care Initiative


Preschoolers are at an age where they are becoming much more self-sufficient. They are gaining a sense of self, learning how to communicate effectively with adults and other children, as well as developing problem solving skills. At Bright Start, we want to encourage independence while also providing the appropriate amount of guidance through our curriculum.

School-age children will feel comfortable entering a team environment where diverse abilities are not only recognized but encouraged. Our biggest goal is to make sure that each child feels comfortable and safe walking through our doors every day.


When children feel secure and able to learn at their own pace, they are capable of incredible growth.
This is the core philosophy of Bright Start.


Creating a sense of community helps ensure trust between parents and the child care provider as well as gives the children an opportunity at having long-lasting friendships which is very important in these early years.


Through our specialized curriculum, we can make learning a fun experience for your child, which creates a strong willingness to gain more knowledge.   ….more